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Greg Hardy

Greg Hardy

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Greg joined the auto industry the year that the Dodge Aspen R/T was named Motor Trend's Car of the Year, 1976, he was 13. Greg and his twin brother Glenn followed their father Lloyd, a senior Sales Professional for Ford Motor Company into the business. Greg started managing the lot and rose through the ranks to become a General Manager at the age of 27. Throughout his career, Greg has held the role of General Manager at several prosperous dealerships.

In 1996, Greg moved into automotive consulting with Automotive Professionals and had great success building strong corporate relationships with Chrysler, Honda, Acura, Jaguar, and Suzuki. Greg has worked across North America with high-performance OE and Dealership teams. He has trained thousands of dealership employees in all areas of the business. Greg both built and participated in completing 40+ different training initiatives. Most recently, Greg worked with Dealer groups assisting them in the installation of more efficient business processes as well as mentoring General Managers at dealerships representing multiple brands. Greg is an accomplished facilitator in DiSC profiling and has also worked, consulted, and trained in the fixed operations side of the business. With Sales, Fixed Operations, and Management Training and Coaching to his credit, Greg has the background and ability that UpAuto requires to ensure measured and sustainable growth within the organization.

Greg met Michael Carmichael in October of 2018 when he was consulting with UpAuto to build and roll-out key Service Processes across the UpAuto dealerships. Michael and Greg share many key operating principles in leading and running automotive businesses. Greg was appointed to the role of Vice President of Dealership Operations in April 2019 and was again promoted in September 2021 to the role of Chief Operations Officer to continue building out the key operational elements of UpAuto as the business begins its next growth phase.

When Greg is not working, he spends time at his home in London with his wife Muriel. Greg loves to travel, golf and cook, and entertain his family and friends. Greg is also very proud of his son Justin, who has followed in Greg's footsteps, and is a multiple award winner in a Mazda Dealership in the Prairie region of Canada. Greg is equally proud of his stepson Cameron who owns a business and is growing his beautiful family. Greg is also the proud Poppa of a lovely granddaughter named Brooklyn!