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Hernan Lagos

Hernan Lagos

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Originally from Santiago, Chile, Hernan is a dedicated family man blessed with a vibrant 8-year-old daughter and a loving wife, Stephanie. Hernan's academic journey led him to study at Saint Thomas University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree. Initially drawn to the arts, he eventually found his passion in Design, specializing in Design Thinking and Management Design.


Hernan's professional odyssey began in 2004 in the pharmaceutical realm with Bayer International, where he consistently excelled, earning top sales awards for three consecutive years. Over the course of seven years, he transitioned into Marketing and Sales, ultimately assuming the role of Key Account Manager. During his tenure, he led a dynamic team of 45 medical sales representatives and played a pivotal role in designing the Sales platform for Bayer Conosur in Argentina.


In 2012, Hernan embarked on a new chapter in Canada to honor his wife’s desire to return home. Joining the Subaru brand franchise, he swiftly ascended from Sales to Sales Manager, eventually becoming a successful General Manager. His journey continued in Peterborough (PTBO), where he led the growth of another Subaru store for five years, setting new benchmarks for success. Recognizing his leadership, he was entrusted with revitalizing a Hyundai store, achieving remarkable results, including a 50% increase in volume and profit within a year.


Hernan's career reached new heights with his appointment as Regional Manager, overseeing operations across six stores representing Kia, Subaru, and Hyundai brands. He is deeply passionate about nurturing teams and guiding individuals to realize their full potential, finding immense joy in their success stories.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Hernan cherishes moments spent with his family, indulging in activities such as swimming, gym sessions, and embarking on thrilling adventures together. An unwavering supporter of Barcelona, Spain, he also finds solace and joy in playing bass guitar in a local rock band in PTBO, a passion he's pursued since the age of 14.